Switchbacks: The Never Told Stories of Entrepreneurs

Switchbacks: The Never Told Stories of Entrepreneurs

Hosted by: Nick Kennedy and Trey Bowles

Sharing the never told stories of entrepreneurs. Music: Leagues


Dr. Charles Dorsey, The Link Between Faith and Entrepreneurship, Season 2 Episode 4

Season #2 Episode #4

Show NotesIG: @thedrdorseyLI: @thedrdorsey Books:  The Souls of Black Folk W.E.B. Du BoisTop 10 books to read: https://www.thedorseygroupllc.com/copy-of-clients Ways to help:Consider utilizing...
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Ryan Bricker, Art and Design as Form and Function, Season 2 - Episode 3

Season #2 Episode #3

Key segments with time2:00 The inventor of the Whiskey Wedge5:45 Arlington National Cemetery6:45 AC Slater/Mario Lopez reality show8:00 Shark Tank for inventors "Everyday Edison"10:00 How do you find what works?12:00...
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Austin Mann, Just Add Time, S2 E2

Season #2 Episode #2

https://austinmann.com/IG: @austinmann 5:00 Taking pictures of a baby gorilla in Rwanda; "Just add time"11:40 Creating vs. Consuming15:24 Austin's time with Pete Richardson and The Paterson Institute19:50 What's it...
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Preparing for Fundraising Hiccups, Season 2 - Episode 1

Season #2 Episode #1

In this episode, we talk about changing valuation, changing fundraising tactics and how to prepare as access to capital becomes tighter. If you are a CEO that has raised money or is looking to raise money, this...
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Eddy Badrina - The Power Of Community.

Season #1 Episode #6

Eddy Badrina is a prolific serial entrepreneur who has honed his craft across several different industries throughout his career. His honest and transparent narrative gives access to what makes entrepreneurs human but...
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Christiana Yebra - Dare To Be Great. Switchbacks Podcast Season 1, Episode 5

Season #1 Episode #5

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Dan Bradley - Stop Being Fake. Switchbacks Podcast, Season 1, Episode 4

Season #1 Episode #4

Dan Bradley, CEO of Bullzerk, shares his entrepreneurial journey with all the twists and turns that lead to his ultimate success. You'll hear about how he started a tennis academy at 14, at one point had a backpack...
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Switchbacks Podcast, Season 1, Episode 3 - Nathan Watkins, Fearless and Free

Season #1 Episode #3

Nathan Watkins spent over a decade building his business before he ultimately sold it to Procter & Gamble.  That is what most people know about Nathan, however on this episode of Switchbacks, Nathan shares the...
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Switchbacks Podcast Season 1, Episode 1 - Entrepreneurial Survival in the Age of Coronavirus

Season #1 Episode #1

We are in uncharted territory with Coronavirus, but in this episode, Trey Bowles and Nick Kennedy provide four key items that you need to have in order to help your business survive this season and be prepared to...
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Switchbacks Podcast, Season 1, Episode 2 - Rob Peabody, The Massive Pivot

Season #1 Episode #2

Rob Peabody, CEO of VOMO and Be A Neighbor Campaign, shares how he is dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic and using their tech platform to connect those most in need.
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