Dr. Charles Dorsey, The Link Between Faith and Entrepreneurship, Season 2 Episode 4

Season #2 Episode #4

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Season 2 Episode 4,  Dr. Charles Dorsey, The Link Between Faith and Entrepreneurship

Publish Date:

May 17, 2022


Combine over a decade of volunteer corporate advisory service, a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership, and over 20 years of Community Engagement and you get Rev. Dr. Charles Dorsey. His decision to serve as the Founder and CEO of the Dorsey Group, was his way of incorporating all his passions into one professional venture.  


He is a trusted facilitator and voice of inspiration having completed more than 350 engagements. Dr. Dorsey is nationally known for his transformational presentation style, strategic thought leadership, and his unique ability to facilitate non traditional partnerships. He is also known for his passion and commitment to initiatives that support diversity, equity, and inclusion.  



Key quotes:

"There is a very close link between faith and entrepreneurship"


Key segments with time

10:45 - The privilege of being able to drive across the country

13:45 - We want to do everything to solve it, and I dont know that a business

15:50 - I need you to see a very sharp image of black man.

16:12 - Just pull them into a room and let them know that they see you...and who you are matters to me...it is value. it is dignity it is personhood."

19:14 You are actually rescuing an entire community...you can impact their life.

23:00 Music and Food as a connection point

25:00 Creativity and organization.  Vulnerability as a superpower.

27:42 I am only coaching people who are concerned about what they are developed to do

30:30 There is a very close link between faith and entrepreneurship

31:10 I must be crazy because I am setting myself for rejection

32:50 How to help Dr. Dorsey