Ryan Bricker, Art and Design as Form and Function, Season 2 - Episode 3

Season #2 Episode #3

Key segments with time

2:00 The inventor of the Whiskey Wedge

5:45 Arlington National Cemetery

6:45 AC Slater/Mario Lopez reality show

8:00 Shark Tank for inventors "Everyday Edison"

10:00 How do you find what works?

12:00 How do you turn art and design into something into business

14:30 Describing the Good God Gallery

16:50 How do you bounce back from a failed project?

19:00 I don't like taking on risk

20:50 The value of hitting foul balls

22:00 I want to take care of my family, not put  a dent in the universe

27:30 How to have a right sized approach in you life

31:00 Favorite inventors

35:00 Design is all about relationships


Show Notes

IG: @ryanebricker




Books: The Four Hour Workweek

Dyson biography

Places: Bonton Farms