Find a safe space to process day-to-day decisions and long-term strategy.

With 1-on-1 business coaching sessions, you can live an integrated life that leads to growth, evolve into a high-performing leader, and leave a legacy—both personally and professionally.

Platinum Coaching

  • A partner for your career and life
  • Confidential and candid conversations
  • Weekly or bi-monthly meetings
  • Quarterly core training session (½ day)
  • Adventure retreats
  • Starting at $4,000/month
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Short-term Coaching

  • Accelerate your learning
  • Address the most challenging items
  • Clarity about how to move forward
  • Creation of a system for ongoing management
  • Develop a cadence for your life and career
  • $850/session
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What does Platinum coaching look like?

Kick-Off Session: Before we meet for the first time, I send a standard coaching agreement, an invoice for the first month, and a Discovery Questionnaire.

During our first session, we set our intentions for the relationship, dive into your questionnaire responses, agree on logistics, and address any final questions before moving forward.

Ongoing Sessions: At the start of each session, we spend a few minutes catching up, and then we get to work. Here’s the general framework:

  • Talk through any emergencies requiring immediate attention.
  • Review your homework.
  • Discuss today’s challenges and develop a plan to manage them.
  • Receive new homework.

I maintain a coaching log so you can access all notes and track your progress.

Between Sessions: After a session, you receive detailed notes with specific next steps, notable quotes and questions you surfaced, and my general thoughts, reframes, and questions for you to consider until we meet again.

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Live an integrated life that leads to growth.

Evolve into a high-performing leader.

Leave a legacy, personally and professionally.


Get more than a coach.

Yes, I’m a coach with more than 5,000 hours of experience.

But I’m also a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits. I launched, built, and sold a multi-million-dollar airline.

I’m a father and an author. I’m a husband, board member, and advisor. I’m a friend, mediator, podcast host, and more.

I most often show up wearing my coaching hat, but I can swap it out for my entrepreneur, mediator, or investor hat if that's what you need to move forward.

In short, when we work together, I bring my full self to our partnership. You can feel free to do the same.

“Working with Nick has been one of the greatest decisions of my entire career. He is tough but fair and wants what is best for me and my life.”

—Sam K.

“I wondered if the cost was worth it, but I can tell you that the ROI is easily 50:1. I had no idea how many blind spots I had, and Nick was the perfect partner to wake me up.”

—George H.

“Since meeting Nick, I have sold one company for 8 figures and am currently building one that is already more successful. His insight has helped me create and execute my goals.”

—John P.

This is a partnership.

Invest in your future by investing in yourself.

Choose your coaching.

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